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War Paint Makeup Academy is the newest revolution in professional make up training, development and education in the state of Utah. Many things set us apart from the rest, inevitably setting you apart from the average ‘makeup artist’ upon graduation. We don’t believe in training you on JUST one brand, one philosophy or one style. We want you to be well rounded and have all of the education and knowledge that is required to be set apart as an industry leader, so you can be proficient and adapt to the variety of expertise and situations that the fashion and beauty industry demands.

To do this, you will begin your education with the solid foundation of globally recognized curriculum and workbooks from a top makeup school based in LA and NYC. We then build your skill sets from there with a much more in-depth understanding of advanced artistry concepts and techniques. War Paint will utilize some of the most extensive and unbiased product knowledge and brand training available anywhere in the market, solidified by hands-on coaching and instruction that is customized to every individual student by some of the top recognized artists in the state. Also included in your education will be philosophies and methods from the top brands and educators from around the world.

We have partnered  with weekly guest speakers and guest artists that are masters in their area of expertise to offer different styles and perspectives that reach all learning styles and personalities. We will also focus on the specialization of bridal makeup, runway, commercial, tv/print/film, avant guard and a photoshoot lab designed to make you proficient in concept design.

Alongside our regular curriculum, field trips to local talent agencies, cosmetic factories and photography studios will be provided to help you understand where your true passion may fall within the industry. Intimate guidance, direction and mentoring is sealed with a promise to assist any student that completes our program with industry relevant job coaching and placement assistance for life! Because we care. We will provide industry professionals that can carry the torch. We want you to become the best. We want you to know and understand your goals and help you do whatever it takes to achieve them. We want you to take what we give you, and become better than us.

We are excited to teach you all that we know, and for you to then open the door to even more endless possibilities for your future.

Every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.
— Kate Giddings

Kate Giddings


Kate Giddings

Meet the woman behind the school, Kate Giddings. Her reputation as Utah's expert in makeup artistry precedes her role as the head of War Paint Makeup Academy.  An industry professional with a prestigious resume, her vision is to raise the talent (old and new) to a level that is competitive with the rest of the world. Her charismatic personality and unsurpassed knowledge will give you invaluable skills and knowledge to help you become a force in the world of makeup. 

With two parents as teachers, Kate knew from a very young age teaching was in her blood and future. She originally began her teaching career working at the Utah and Nevada schools of massage therapy, teaching and instructing various massage modalities and classes for over 5 years. It was only a natural transition to continue her love of teaching after she switched vocations and started her career as a makeup artist with MAC in 2003. Soon after she started teaching makeup classes, first at Paul Mitchell and then Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare, stretching a 2 hr course into an 80 hr course and solidifying her love for writing curriculum and inspiring others. She became represented by leading talent agency TMG in 2010, and is still currently represented by them.

Shortly after working closely with brands like YSL, NARS and many others, she was recruited by Sephora to be among the first few Education Leads in the company, solely in charge of the training and development of store and management staff.

For years Kate attended trainings for makeup, skincare and various teaching methods all over the country. She was personally coached and developed from brand founders, world renown makeup artists and beauty industry leaders, such as Kat Von D, Danny Sans, Jamie Kern, Kate Somerville, Ole Hendrickson and many dozens more. After quitting Sephora to focus on her two boys and freelance work, Kate continued to work closely with brands and training beauty experts within Utah. She was also chosen to go to New York Fashion Week in spring of 2017 with Exalt Fashion Show, and her design was hand picked as the entire collections makeup look by the designer, which she then trained the entire makeup team on how to properly execute. She just finished working on TLC’s reality tv show “Seeking Sister Wife” and still continues to push herself with weekly photoshoots that allow her to break stereotypical creative boundaries and strive to improve her craft. Her newest creation, War Paint Makeup Academy, is the next step in full filling her vision of helping bridge the gap within the Utah market by offering superior quality makeup education and creating passionate and driven industry leaders.


War Paint courses



Beginning Artistry

100 Hrs - 20 Classes - 5 hrs ea.
$2,750 + $850 Kit Fee = $3,750
*Mandalyn Academy Student Discount = -$250

In this program you will learn:

History of Makeup
Makeup Kit Basics
Product Knowledge Module
Basic Skincare and Analysis
Color Theory
Basic Makeup Techniques
Working with Photography 101
Business 101
and more!


Advanced Artistry

100 Hrs - 20 Classes - 5 hrs ea.
$2,750 + $850 Kit Fee = $3,750
Mandalyn AcademyStudent Discount = -$250

In this program you will learn:

Advanced Makeup Techniques
Current Trends
Party and Event Makeup
Bridal/Wedding Makeup
Tattoo and Scar Cover Up
Body Makup
Muscle Makeup
Working with Photography 201
Business 201
Portfolio Building
and more!

Beauty Pro Quickie

25 Hrs - 5 Classes - 5 hrs ea.
$750 + $500 Kit Fee = $1,250

In this program you will learn:

Understanding Your Clients
Servicing Client Needs
Color Theory
Color Matching Made Simple
Correcting Imperfections
Highlighting and Contouring
Eye Makeup
Photographic Makeup Principles
Business & Marketing
Social Media Presence
and more!


Basics Bootcamp

25 Hrs - 1 Week - 5 Classes - 5 hrs ea.
Tuesday - Saturday
$750 + $500 Kit Fee = $1,250

In this program you will learn:

Color Matching Your Skin Tone
Understanding Your Facial Features
Product Education
Makeup Application
Basic Color Theory
Perfecting Your Everyday Look
and more!


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