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What Makes Us Different

From Other Beauty Schools?

Many things set us apart from the rest, inevitably setting you apart from the average ‘makeup artist’ upon graduation. We don’t believe in training you on just one brand, one philosophy or one style. We want you to be well rounded and have all of the education and knowledge that is required to be set apart as an industry leader, so you can be proficient and adapt to the variety of expertise and situations that the fashion and beauty industry demands.

To do this, you will begin your education with the solid foundation of globally recognized curriculum  We then build your skill sets from there with a much more in-depth understanding of advanced artistry concepts and techniques. Warpaint will utilize some of the most extensive and unbiased product knowledge and brand training available anywhere in the market, solidified by hands-on coaching and instruction by some of the top recognized artists in the state. 

We will focus on the specialization of bridal makeup, fashion, commercial, tv/print/film, and avant garde to help you understand where your true passion may fall within the industry. 


Intimate guidance, direction and mentoring is sealed with a promise to assist any student that completes our program with industry relevant job coaching and placement assistance for life!  We want you to become the best. We want you to know and understand your goals and help you do whatever it takes to achieve them. We want you to take what we give you, and become better than us.

We are excited to teach you all that we know, and for you to then open the door to even more endless possibilities for your future.