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Advanced  Makeup Artist

This isn't just your "basic" makeup course, we will be going over all of the essentials for your journey to becoming a makeup artist.

For example: It takes a lot more than just applying foundation. There are different finishes, coverages,  consistencies, ingredient bases, undertones, surface tones and application techniques! It is necessary to learn ALL of this in order to execute the look that is needed for your client.

We will be going over - in detail - how to correctly apply everything that is needed in order to create a complete makeup design.

From 'Product Knowledge' to 'Color Theory'. 'Corrective Makeup' to 'Understanding Different Color, Textures and Finishes'! These are just some of what you will be learning in the Advanced Makeup Artist Course.

This is HANDS-ON training and our coaches will be there, guiding you every step of the way.